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Event Photography

Thrive CEO

Thrive CEO is an annual, small-business seminar where a panel of local experts share their wisdom with other Savannah business owners seeking guidance. The photos below highlight moments of connection and interaction while documenting the event in its entirety—from the mixer, to the presentations, follow up Q&A’s, and one-on-one meet and greets. Next year’s coordinators will then use these photos to promote next year’s event on social media and replace the stock images found in last year’s booklet.


Small Business Owners
Savannah, GA

Digital Photography
Photo Editing
Nikon DSLR
Adobe Lightroom

Before & After

In order to highlight the open dialogues and casual conversations, the photos were edited to convey the bright and light-hearted atmosphere. Color tones and temperature were adjusted to account for the harsh colors from the indoor fluorescent lighting.

In Context

The previous booklet used stock imagery; however, these lifestyle photos of business owners and colleagues allow next year’s event to create a more genuine connection with future attendees while still showing what to expect from the event.